Facts About Fructose


Confused about sugar?

Fact #1. Table sugar and other concentrated sweeteners are the worst Carbs because they are high dose fructose. Fructose is very different than glucose.

Fact #2. Glucose is a nutrient that your cells need for energy, and to build structural carbohydrates. Glucose is controlled by metabolic hormones insulin and leptin. Glucose starches such as rice and potatoes are healthy. (But they should be eaten together with fat, protein and vegetables to slow absorption.)

Fact #3. Fructose is not a nutrient, so it is not taken up by your cells. Fructose is more like a toxin that must be handled (detoxified) by your liver. Fructose damages your liver in the same way that alcohol does. It accelerates ageing because it denatures collagen and other proteins. High dose fructose is inflammatory and increases your risk for heart disease and cancer.

Fact #4. Fructose is addictive. Unlike glucose, fructose is not controlled by insulin or leptin. That is why fructose has the troubling effect of stimulating appetite. If you eat sugary foods, you will always crave more. For more information about the addictive nature of fructose, please read Sugar on Trial: what you really need to know.

Fact #5. It depends on the dose. High dose fructose in concentrated sweeteners is very unhealthy. Low dose fructose in whole fruit is not a problem. (Max 2-3 servings per day.)

Where is the high dose fructose?

Table sugar or sucrose (50% fructose/50% glucose). Honey, Agave, maple syrup, concentrated 'fruit' sweetener, high fructose corn syrup, coconut sugar, dried fruit, fruit juice.

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