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Hi everyone. This is my special year-end message about progesterone. (Because when it comes to women's hormones, it's mostly about progesterone!) I wrote about the superpowers of progesterone, and why it's tricky to test.  

I'd also like to invite you to a FREE webinar tomorrow: Breaking up with the Pill. And to listen to my talk with Dr. Anna Cabeca on her podcast Couch Talk. Finally, please accept my warmest wishes for a restful holiday season.

The 7 Superpowers of Progesterone

PCOS cannot be diagnosed by ultrasound.Progesterone is a startlingly beneficial hormone, and almost all of us could do with more than we have.

Progesterone acts on your breasts and uterus, so it’s essential for healthy reproduction and periods. But did you know it also acts on your brain, immune system, and detoxification enzymes? Progesterone does a lot more for you than just fertility and easy periods. It soothes, nourishes, energizes, strengthens, and rescues your body in ways you never imagined. Continue reading..

The Right Way to Test Progesterone

Hormonal sleep problemsNext time your doctor orders a progesterone test, please stop for a minute, and ask yourself: “When is the right day to do this test?”

Of course, you’d hope your doctor would ask herself the same question, and then guide you to the correct day.  But if your doctor is like other family doctors, she has surprisingly little knowledge of the female hormone cycle.  She may not know when to test. Continue reading...

Please join me tomorrow for this special FREE webinar: Breaking up with the Pill
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Listen to my talk with Dr Anna Cabeca on her Couch Talk podcast: The hormone roller-coaster of perimenopause
Wishing you a peaceful and restful holiday season.
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