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A checklist.

Section 1. Do you actually have PCOS?

1) Testosterone is confirmed to be elevated on blood test. Yes, Maybe or No

2) Periods are irregular. Yes, Maybe or No.

3) Significant facial or body hair is present. Yes, Maybe or No.

If the answer is Yes to all of these questions, you probably do have PCOS. Go to section 2.

If the answer is No to any of these questions, then you may not have PCOS (even if your doctor says you do). Go to section 4.


Section 2. What type of PCOS do you have?

1) Insulin resistance or abnormal glucose is confirmed on blood test. Yes or No or unsure.

If Yes, then you have Type 1 PCOS. See PCOS article for treatment.

If unsure, then consult your GP or Naturopath for this test.

If No (but Yes, to all questions in section 1), then you have Type 2 PCOSGo to Section 3.


Section 3. What might be behind your Type 2 PCOS?

Type 2 PCOS (non-insulin resistant PCOS) can be the result of many different health problems. Consider which of the following might apply to you.

1) Post - Pill syndrome

2) History of recurrent antibiotic use. Digestive problems. (Problems with intestinal bacteria linked with PCOS)

3) Iodine or vitamin D deficiency.

4) Abnormal thyroid function.

5) Leptin problem from low body weight or history of eating disorder. 

6) Pesticide exposure.

See PCOS article for treatment ideas.

Consult with one of our Naturopaths for more testing and treatment options.


Section 4. It is not PCOS, so What might be the cause of your irregular periods?

You answered No to at least one of the questions in Section 1, then you might not have PCOS after all. Consider which of the following might apply to you.

1) Post-Pill syndrome

2) Elevated prolactin. Consult your GP or Naturopath for this test.

3) Leptin problem from low body weight or history of eating disorder. 


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