Past Newsletters

Issue 101, April 2017: The Serious Downside to Contraceptive Implants and Injections

Inside this Issue: The Serious Downside to Contraceptive Implants and Injections. The Pros and Cons of the Hormonal IUD (Mirena and Skyla). Red Circle Summit.

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Issue 100, March 2017: Why Stress Hits Hard in Your 40s

Inside this Issue: The Real Reason Stress Hits Hard in Your 40s. Why I Prescribe Iodine for Breast Pain, Ovarian Cysts, and PMS. Endometriosis Is Not a Hormonal Condition--It's an Inflammatory Condition that's Affected by Hormones.

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Issue 99, February 2017: When Period Pain Is Not Normal

Inside this Issue: When Period Pain Is Not Normal.  Endometriosis: 5 Natural Treatments That Really Work. What Dairy Does to Periods. Natural Birth Control. 

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Issue 98, January 2017: Women's Health Is Not a Niche Topic

Inside this Issue: 7 Ways Zinc Rescues Hormones.  Getting Serious About Women's Health. Fresh insight Into women’s hormonal health.[podcast].

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Issue 97, December 2016: Progesterone, the Super-Hormone

Inside this Issue: The 7 Superpowers of Progesterone.  The Right Way to Test Progesterone. Breaking up with the Pill. The Hormone Roller Coaster of Perimenopause [podcast].

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Issue 96, November 2016: Hormonal sleep problems

Inside this Issue: The Surprising Truth About PCOS (It's Not an Ovarian Disease). Help for Hormonal Sleep Problems. How to Prevent and Treat Post-Pill Acne. Hormonal Birth Control Does Something to Your Body You Didn't Expect. How to Reduce Prolactin. 

Click to read: Hormonal Sleep Problems.

Issue 95, September 2016: Natural Progesterone and 5 Types of PCOS

Inside this Issue: What Estrogen Does in Your 40s (and How Natural Progesterone Can Help). 5 Types of PCOS. Are You Eating Enough to Get a Period? How to prevent acne when going off the pill?

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Issue 94, June 2016: Natural Birth Control

Inside this Issue: The Pros and Cons of the Mirena IUD. The Pros and Cons of the Copper IUD. Why Birth Control Can Never Regulate Periods [animation]. 

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Issue 93, March: Iodine and Natural Treatments for Endometriosis

Inside this Issue: Endometriosis: 5 Natural Treatments That Really Work. Why I Prescribe Iodine for Breast Pain, Ovarian Cysts, and PMS. Period Repair Q&A [video]. 

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Issue 92, January 2016: The Curious Link Between Estrogen and Histamine Intolerance

Inside this Issue: The Curious Link Between Estrogen and Histamine Intolrance. Period Repair Q&A. Dear Menstruation Mechanic. 

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Issue 91, November 2015: Why I Don't Use the Term Estrogen Dominance

Inside this Issue: Why I Don't Use the Term Estrogen Dominance. The Crucial Difference Between Progesterone and Progestins. What Should Your Period Be Like? What is the #1 treatment for PCOS? Why young teens need real periods—Not the Pill.

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Issue 90, July 2015: Your Hormones Need Dinner

Inside this Issue: Your Hormones Need Dinner. 4 Causes of Androgen Excess in Women.

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Issue 89, May 2015: What Dairy Does To Periods

Inside this Issue: What Dairy Does to Periods. How To Come Off Hormonal Birth Control. 

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Issue 88, March 2015: Soy, Vitex, and Period Repair Manual

Inside this Issue: Period Repair Manual book launch. How Soy Affects Hormones. The Do’s and Don’ts of Vitex for Period Problems.

Click to read: Soy, Vitex, and Period Repair Manual

Issue 87, December 2014: Reverse Insulin Resistance in 4 Easy Steps

Inside this Issue: Reverse Insulin Resistance, Irregular Periods? Think about Thyroid, The Pill, Thyroid and 4 other Types of Hormonal Hair Loss.

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Issue 86, October 2014: How Antibiotics Cause Weight Gain

Inside this Issue: How Antibiotics Cause Weight Gain. The PMS solution: 3 steps to Hormonal Resilience. Endometriosis is an Autoimmune Disease.

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Issue 85, June 2014: PCOS, Acne & Birth Control

How the Pill switches off Hormones and Why that Matters. Treatment for 4 Types of PCOS. Treat the Cause.  Insight into Acne: Dairy, Sugar and mTOR.  Sugar is the King Carb. Reclaiming the No-Dessert Diet.

Click to read: Pill, PCOS and Acne.

Issue 84, April 2014: Coffee, Hormones & Magnesium

How Coffee affects Hormones (the Good and the Bad).  8 ways that Magnesium Rescues Hormones. Road map to Progesterone.

Click to read: Coffee, Hormones & Magnesium

Issue 83, February 2014: Facts about Fructose

Facts about Fructose; How Iodine Protects Breasts; Hormonal Sleep Problems; The Surprising Truth about PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

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Issue 82, October 2013: The Pill is Bad Medicine

The End of PMS: Vitamin B6 and other Serious Cures. Need a new way to relax? Activate your Vagus Nerve. The Pill is Bad Medicine. 7 ways that Hormonal Contraception Harms women. IUDs: a viable alternative for contraception. 

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Issue 81, July 2013: Sugar is the King Carb

Sugar is the King Carb. Reclaiming the No-Dessert Diet. Most of us have Thyroid Nodules. Why do they matter? New Fertility Discovery. How the immune system creates the corpus luteum. How Rhodiola shelters us from Stress.

Click to read Sugar is the King Carb.

Issue 80, May 2013: In Defence of Oestrogen

Why TSH is not a reliable Thyroid test. Oops, did we get it completely wrong about Alzheimer's? PCOS to get a new name. In Defence of Oestrogen. No Hormone more powerful for Mood, Sleep, Libido. 

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Issue 79, March 2013: The Gentle Carb Issue

Gentle Carbs like rice and potato are good for GABA, Cortisol and Adrenal Health. Intermittent Fasting: Lose weight by eating LESS often.  Is fasting different for women? Book review of The Perfect Health Diet by Paul Jaminet and Shou-Ching Jaminet. 

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Issue 78, January 2013: What is Natural Thyroid?

New HRT Study finds natural progesterone to be "safe and effective". Can't get your vitamin D levels up? It could be magnesium deficiency. Is your iodine supplement safe? What is natural thyroid hormone?
PCOS-Mania. The over-diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian syndrome.

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Issue 77, November 2012: The Rice issue

Reclaiming rice. Worried about BPA? Watch those EFTPOS receipts.  Zinc for healthy DNA. Antidepressants bad for fertility, and not safe for pregnancy.

Click to read Does Rice Really cause Weight gain? 

Issue 76, September 2012: The Myth of the 8 hour sleep

Hard to relax? You need more GABA (and your gut bacteria can help you out). The myth of the 8 hour sleep. Sleep for hormones. 

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Issue 75, June 2012: The Magnesium Issue

IUD's are 20x more effective contraception than the Pill. (And they don't cause hormonal havoc.) When it comes to acute sinusitis, antibiotics are no better than placebo. Got high cholesterol? It could be an over-diagnosis. Lose weight with an "8 hour eating window". Why do calcium supplements double the risk for heart attack? Magnesium IS the mineral to change your life. (And maybe save it.)

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Issue 74, March 2012: The Gluten Issue

Evidence is that women do not "run out" of eggs:  The game-changing discovery of ovarian stem cells.
What is the story with wheat? Wheat gluten can behave like a drug in the body. It can be highly inflammatory. Researchers ask: "Is wheat safe for anyone to eat?" A negative coeliac test does not rule out gluten-sensitivity. The controversy about prostate cancer screening blood tests. Meaningful ways to prevent prostate cancer. Could a non-invasive "hair test" replace routine mammogram screening?

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Issue 73, January 2012: The Statin Issue

IVF increases the risk for ovarian cancer. New research confirms that T3 is helpful for thyroid patients. Red wine not as bad for breast cancer as other alcohol. Do you really need a cholesterol drug? The false hope of statins. Statins cause diabetes and memory loss. What does a high cholesterol reading really say about your underlying health?  Anxiety more common in PCOS sufferers. Can cold weather help you to lose weight? Rebound weight gain caused by leptin, say Australian researchers. Antibiotics disrupt hormones and cause weight gain.

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Issue 72, October 2011: The Mammogram Issue

CoQ10 supplements turn back the clock on women's eggs. Ultra-low dose HRT is better than standard dose. What is the best type of HRT? Should you get it from your GP or your natural doctor? The answer might surprise you. The Pill is a bad type of HRT. Australian experts say that current mammogram advice denies women "informed consent".

"I don't want to take any risk." Don't let a disorted sense of risk trick you into a bad health decision about mammograms, thyroid treatment, cholesterol medication and more. (Read the extended version of this article on Lara's hormonal health blog Blue Summit Health.)

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Issue 71, August 2011: The Vitamin B12 Issue

High-dose calcium supplements do not help bones. Meaningful ways to improve bone health. What does your low vitamin D reading really mean? Evidence that PCOS can begin in the womb. Cow's milk is a cause of constipation in children.

Special report on Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 improves brain health and prevents dementia. A normal blood test is not enough to rule out vitamin B12 deficiency. Peculiar symptoms of B12 deficiency. Medications that cause vitamin B12 deficiency. Foods that contain Vitamin B12. Patients report dramatic improvement on short course of B12 supplements.

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Issue 70, May 2011: The Acne Issue

High dose thyroid medication may increase fracture risk in older adults. Hot flushes can last 10 or more years. Patient- evidence-based medicine. Why your doctor does not know about effective natural treatment. The Pill masks acne, but it does NOT address the underlying cause. Pill-withdrawal causes acne. Medical studies confirm that diet and stress affect acne. Nutritional supplements for acne: zinc, Vitamin B5, vitamin D, probiotics.

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Issue 69, March 2011: The Leptin Issue

How does bacteria treat depression? New evidence that the immune system talks to the brain. Healthy gut flora can reverse metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance). Rethink your relationship with your intestinal bacteria! Thyroid patient take note: Thyroid antibodies cause symptoms even when thyroid reading is normal. Leptin may be more important for blood sugar control than insulin. Leptin also suppresses appetite, regulates ovulation and promotes bone growth.

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Issue 68, January 2011: The Iodine safety issue

Problem with erections? It could be an early warning sign of heart disease. Some common presciption medications increase appetite and contribute to weight gain. Is your iodine supplement safe? UMAMI.The "Fifth Flavour" may be just what you need to feel full and lose weight. Is thyroid medication better at bedtime?  Magnesium can treat unwanted facial hair. Aspirin prevents cancer, but natural anti-inflammatories may work just as well (or better).

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Issue 67, November 2010: The Testosterone Issue

Men need testosterone to prevent heart disease. Cholesterol-lowering drugs may cause testosterone deficiency. Resveratrol may improve testosterone levels.Boost your testosterone naturally.New contraceptive gel. Is it more natural? Link between endometriosis and cancer. Natural anti-inflammatories effective treatment for endometriosis. Bad reaction to thyroid medication? You could have adrenal insufficiency. Eat early to lose weight while you sleep.

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Issue 66, September 2010: The Brain Health Issue

Cholesterol fluctuates with the menstrual cycle. Best time to have your cholesterol test is just after your period. No need to wait after a miscarriage. Artificial sweeteners linked to pre-term births. Look to your Insulin balance for a solution to hot flushes, low libido and osteoporosis. Are you certain that you do not have Insulin Resistance? Don't trust your doctor on this one. Oxford study finds that B-vitamins prevent Alzheimer's disease. Harvard study finds that SAM-e is effective treatment for Depression. One of the most important blood tests to have: Homocysteine. Homocysteine is linked to Alzheimer's, depression, infertility, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and more! Slow down ageing with a "methylation" diet.

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Issue 65, July 2010: The Progesterone Issue

Plastic chemical BPA linked to PCOS. Canadian researcher finds that natural progesterone helps hot flushes. French women are routinely prescribed natural hormones. Natural progesterone may not remain 'alternative' for long. Is Coffee bad? How does coffee affect hormones?

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Issue 64, May 2010: Update on Breast Cancer and Immune Function

Need contraception? Consider an IUD. When is breast cancer really cancer? The false positives of mammograms. Understand medical statistics, and know your chances. Could your blood sugar be affecting your libido? Antidepressants kill sex drive.How you can improve your sex life. Vitamin D prevents Flu.What cow's milk does to your immune system

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Issue 62, February 2010: The Iron Issue

Low-dose Pill decreases bone density in young women.

Are you missing iron? Iron is necessary for healthy ovulation. Are your heavy periods caused by iron deficiency? You cannot "detox" without iron. You cannot make thyroid hormone without iron. You need adequate thyroid function to be able to absorb iron. Don't combine thyroid medication with iron tablets. Popular stomach medications cause iron deficiency. Are you certain that your doctor tested for iron? Don't test your iron when you're sick. High iron (ferritin) on blood test can indicate diabetes or other inflammatory condition. Avoid iron tablets during an infection. Chelated iron is the best form, and does not cause digestive problems.

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Issue 61, November 2009: The Iodine issue

Evening breast milk contains a natural sedative. St John's wort is effective for hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms. PCOS linked with autoimmune thyroid disease. Iodine: Critical nutrient for female health. Is Insulin Resistance caused by a herbicide? Alzheimer's: Type 3 Diabetes?

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Issue 60, September 2009: The Osteoporosis Issue

Could your "set point' be preventing you from losing weight? The "husband factor" in menopause. Every case of osteoporosis and infertility should be screened for gluten sensitivity. Strontium: a new prescription medication for osteoporosis. Doctor's warning about popular stomach medication.

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Issue 59, July 2009: The Cholesterol Issue.

Statin drugs cause cognitive impairment (memory loss and abnormal thinking). Cardiologist debunks cholesterol myths. Systemic inflammation is the underlying cause of heart disease, obesity, depression and many more health conditions. "Red Yeast Rice" supplement is effective for reducing heart disease. Your thyroid could be affecting your cholesterol.  Other symptoms of a hidden thyroid problem. Get your thyroid checked properly.

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Issue 58, May 2009: The Brown Fat Issue

The Pill may cause Autoimmune disease. Exercising for muscle gain? Then don't take the Pill. Bread just became more Thyroid-friendly. One fifth of cancers seen on mammogram spontaneously disappear. Brown Fat helps with weight loss. Make your Brown Fat work for you. Weight loss herb: Coleus.

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Issue 57, March 2009: The Cortisol Issue

Women with PCOS may become more fertile as they age.  IUD: The forgotten contraceptive. Weight loss myths: #1 Artificial sweeteners. #2 Frequent, small meals. Steroid symphony: How adrenal hormones affect female hormones. De-stress for regular periods. De-stress for an easier menopause. Why artificial steroids in Pill or HRT are not the answer.  Adaptogens: Herbs for Adrenal hormones

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Issue 56, December 2008: The Oestrogen Issue

Lack of vitamin D linked with obesity. Vitamin B3 better than sunscreen. Prostate cancer treatment does more harm than good. Shift work increases risk for thyroid disease.Urinary hormone testing better than saliva for some things. Good oestrogen - bad oestrogen. Oestradiol for Mood. To replace oestrogen or not?

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Issue 55, September 2008: The Sugar Addiction issue

Healthy people eat rice. Rice is good for weight loss. Put rice in the lunch menu. Is sugar addiction destroying your health? 14 Day Sugar Detox. DHEA: The future of HRT? Safety concerns about DHEA. How to boost your own DHEA

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Issue 54, July 2008: The "Reverse T3" issue

Winter weight gain hormone: Reverse T3 (Reverse-thyroid hormone). How to combat the metabolism-slowing effects of Reverse T3. Rosemary stimulates fat burning. RECIPE. Hearty Roast Vegetables with Rosemary. Weight Loss Trick #1. Big Breakfast Diet. Weight Loss Trick #2. Ultra-Short Work-outs. Weight Loss Trick #3. Tasty Food Diet.  Beat the Flu this Winter

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Issue 53, May 2008: The Detoxification Issue

Cervical cancer vaccine does not help older women. Antibiotics increase the risk for breast cancer.  Phase 2 Nutrients: A nourishing approach to Detoxification. Basic principles of Detox.

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Issue 52, March 2008: The Depression Issue

The secret messages from food: How xenohormesis affects health and weight loss. The effectiveness of anti-depressants called into question. The power of placebo. Not everybody who is sad is depressed. Two types of depression. Causes of depression. Blood tests for depression. Treatment for depression.

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Issue 51, January 2008: The cholesterol and homocysteine issue

What if bad fat is good? (Forget everything that you think you know about dietary fat.)  Cholesterol-lowering drugs prevent exercise's beneficial muscle gain.  Breath or saliva test for breast cancer. The most important health news this decade: Vitamin D deficiency. One of the most important blood tests you can have: Homocysteine

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Issue 50, November 2007: The Sleep Issue

Antibiotics usually not necessary for early respiratory infection. Sleep is the magic pill you are looking for. What if you cannot sleep? Aspirin may not prevent heart attacks in women. How women can prevent heart attacks.

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Issue 49, September 2007: The Natural HRT Safety Issue

Do bio-identical hormones cause cancer? Why a rest during exercise helps with weight loss. Fructose is bad for insulin and leptin. Thyroid indicator (TSH) is higher when fasting. Selenium supplements help Hashimoto's thyroid disease.

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Issue 48, August 2007: SPECIAL Influenza Issue

Avoid Panadol as much as possible. Phone consultations available for colds and Flu. How to treat yourself effectively. Vitamin A is anti-viral. Vitamin A is safer than you think.

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Issue 47, July 2007: Testosterone Deficiency Issue

Iodine to be added to Australian bread. Can Thyroid Disease (Hashimoto's) be treated with antibiotics?  Hormones in cow's milk cause acne. Testosterone deficiency shortens men's lives. Diet Diary of a Naturopath.

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Issue 46, May 2007: The Periodic Fasting Issue

Bacteria found in soil eases depression. Is pollution the cause of the diabetes epidemic? Why the plastic chemical Bisphenol-A may be more toxic at a lower dose than a higher dose. How to avoid and eliminate toxins for weight loss. The Birth Control Pill causes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  PAN pharmaceutical company found innocent. Intermittent Eating: a unique method for weight loss.

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Issue 45, March 2007: The Birth Control Pill Issue

Vasectomy linked with a certain type of dementia. Natural contraception as effective as the Pill. Why the Birth Control Pill is BAD. Options for contraception. Options for hormonal treatment for skin and other symptoms.

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Issue 44, January 2007: The hormones and breast cancer Issue

Sudden drop in breast cancer statistics when women stopped using HRT. Does natural progesterone cause breast cancer? Birth control pill is a strong risk for breast cancer in young women. Stomach medicine causes bone loss. Want a new way to lose weight? Take care of your intestinal bacteria.

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Issue 43, November 2006: The Growth Hormone Issue

Malaria vaccine may save half a million children per year. Vitamin D slows down breast cancer. Pharmaceutical companies influence research findings. Black tea helps de-stress.Acne drug may cause inflammatory bowel disease. Bell's Palsy and Carpal Tunnel can be signs of pre-diabetes. Question from a reader: 'What natural supplements can I use to increase Growth Hormone?'

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Issue 42, September 2006: Yet another PCOS update Issue

Under active thyroid function increases risk for heart disease. PCOS may begin before birth. PCOS linked with exposure to chemical from plastic (bisphenol A). Finger length test for PCOS. Trans fat worst food for PCOS. Leptin treatment stimulates menstrual periods and fertility. Father's age increase risk for autism and miscarriage. Antidepressants cause weight gain.

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Issue 41, July 2006: The Migraine Issue

The Pill reduces sex drive, and it may be irreversible. Migraines with auras linked with stroke and heart attack. Magnet therapy effective for migraines. Natural Treatment for migraines. Ibuprofen increases risk for stroke and heart attack. Seaweed prevents cervical cancer. Chest X-rays (and mammograms) increase the risk for breast cancer. Weight Loss Tips: Chilli improves insulin response. Good bacteria in intestine turn on metabolism genes.

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Issue 40, June 2006: The Leptin Issue

Hormone disrupting chemical used in Teflon, pizza boxes and other waterproofed items. Leptin: The Anti-hunger Hormone: Leptin suppresses appetite and improves weight loss. Eating disorder may cause leptin resistance. Sleep improves leptin sensitivity. Leptin prevents bone loss. Leptin important for fertility. Leptin resistance may be cause of PCOS. Good leptin response means better IVF outcomes. Question from a reader: "Should I use thyroid extract?": Why is thyroid extract (Armour Thyroid) bad for Hashimoto's? Saliva test better than blood test for monitoring natural hormone use.

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Issue 39, May 2006: The Osteoporosis drug Issue

Chemicals in sunscreen suppress thyroid. Osteoporosis drugs cause jaw bone death. DHEA supplement may improve IVF outcome and natural fertility. Popular anti-depressants may cause still-births. Menopause comes later with alcohol, earlier with smoking. How much alcohol should you have?  A better way to have a timely and healthy menopause. Question and answer column: "What is the best hormone for weight loss?" Answer: natural progesterone.

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Issue 38, March 2006: The Fertility Update Issue

Women with 30 day cycle most fertile. New test for ovarian reserve. Treatment for cervical precancerous cells may cause premature delivery or low birth weight. Work stress makes you unhealthy and fat. Too little magnesium causes insulin resistance. Major study finds that a low-fat diet does not prevent breast cancer or heart disease. Question and answer column: "How long should I use DHEA capsules?".

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Issue 37, February 2006: Another PCOS Update

Dioxins in fish are affect hormones. Less sun means earlier menopause. Home test for male fertility. PCOS Update: Magnesium deficiency cases insulin resistance. Women with PCOS have male finger length pattern. Soy may impair the development of ovaries. 5 Steps to check your neck for thyroid problems. Licorice root increases blood pressure, not blood sugar. New question and answer column. Call for QUESTIONS from our readers.

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Issue 36, December 2005: The Low Blood Pressure Syndrome Issue

Vitamin A safer than you think. Thyroid Update: Iodine deficiency on the rise in Australia. Iodine improves fibrocystic breast disease. Chlorinated compounds and pyrethroids disrupt thyroid function. Low Blood Pressure Syndrome: New look at anxiety, hypoglycaemia, fibromyalgia, and mitral valve prolapse.Treatment for low blood pressure syndrome.

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Issue 35, November 2005: The PCOS Update Issue

Sleep-loss causes weight gain. Vaccine against cervical cancer. New treatment for breast cancer. Pesticide reduces female fertility. Non-toxic pest control. PCOS update: New hormone considered for PCOS. Metformin works for non-obese PCOS. Vinegar reduces glucose and insulin spike. Benefits of Lacto-fermented foods: Sourdough, cheese, relish, and olives.

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Issue 34, October 2005: The "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" Issue

Breast cancer linked to left-handedness. New car smell bad for your health. Book Review: Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Dr. Mary Enig. Saturated fat is good for you. Medium chain fatty acids from coconut milk increase metabolic rate and weight loss. Quick Quiz: Which is healthier: coconut oil or soybean oil? Healthy mayonnaise recipe.

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Issue 33, September 2005: The Breast Cancer Issue (Part 2)

Smoking causes belly fat and PCOS. Losing ovaries decreases long-term survival. Breast cancer may be caused (in part) by insulin resistance and vitamin D deficiency. Black tea may protect as well as green tea (coffee is not bad either). Natural progesterone protects against breast cancer occurrence as well as tamoxifen. Lara's editorial on "why your GP won't prescribe progesterone". Harvard nurses' study finds that melatonin prevents breast cancer. Do bras cause breast cancer? Breast cancer SURVIVAL Checklist.

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Issue 32, August 2005: The Breast Cancer Issue (Part 1)

New fingernail test for osteoporosis. Hysterectomy causes early menopause. Sperm quality improves with acupuncture. Europe bans plastic additive (bisphenol A) in children's toys. Common cosmetic ingredient linked to breast cancer and declining sperm count.; Hormone disruption from chemicals is real. Where are the hormone disruptors in our everyday life?; Protect your hormone receptors with plant estrogens. New trend in breast cancer research. Turmeric protects against cancer.

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Issue 31, July 2005: The PCOS Issue

Low-fat milk causes more weight gain than ordinary milk. Artificial sweeteners cause weight gain.Stevia is a way to wean off sugar. St. John's Wort can interfere with the Pill's effectiveness. Eggs do NOT cause high cholesterol and heart disease. PCOS affects 1 in 8 women.  There are two types of PCOS and treatment. Paeony for PCOS now available in tablet form

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Issue 30, June 2005: The Flu Vaccine Issue

Paracetamol linked with increased risk for asthma. Paracetamol and aspirin increase duration of influenza. Flu vaccine not effective for the elderly. UNICEF saves a million lives with vitamin A. How to beat colds and flu naturally. Warming sock treatment. Phone consultations for colds and flu.

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Issue 29, May 2005: The Osteoporosis Issue

Too rapid weight gain in first few days of life leads to obesity as an adult. New method for early detection of breast cancer. The osteoporosis myth; Cow's milk is not the answer. Risk factors for osteoporosis. Sensible plan for preventing osteoporosis.

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Issue 28, April 2005: The 'Hormone Test' Issue

Osteoporosis linked with coeliac disease. Women over 50 are more at risk from LOW cholesterol than high cholesterol. Blood test for insecticide residues. Saliva is the future testing method for hormones, drugs, infection and cancer. Thyroid antibodies linked with miscarriage and poor response to fertility treatment. If you've got high cholesterol, check your fasting insulin.

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Issue 27, March 2005: The Hormone Disruptor Issue

Lack of baby boys blamed on pollution. NEW study on natural progesterone.The single MOST important cause of hormone imbalance: POLLUTION. Health and environmental problems caused by organochlorines. How to limit the damage.

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Issue 26, February 2005: The Weight Loss Issue

Does a virus make you fat? New Theory links Menopause to changed in the nervous system. Hormones that make you fat: Leptin, Insulin, Cortisol. Facts for getting Skinny.

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Issue 25, January 2005: The Vitamin D Issue

CT Scans Cause Cancer. Phytoestrogens Improve Fertility. Benefits of Sunshine: Increases Serotonin, Weight Loss, Improved Fertiliy, Prevention of Cancer and Autoimmune Disease. Vitamin D Deficiency. Blood test for 25-hydroxyvitamin D.

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Issue 24, December 2004: The "Vitamin E is Bad for You" Issue

Chick Flicks Increase your Progesterone. Popular Contraceptive Causes Bone Loss. Homoeopathy Passes Clinical Trial. Vitamin E is Bad? Consider the study methodology, politics of natural supplements, and the problem with antioxidants.

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Issue 23, November 2004: The "Sugar is Good for You" Issue

Arthritis Drug pulled from the Market. New Research on Birth Control Pill. Sugar is Good for You: the New Science of Glycobiology. Some Familiar Sugars: Echinacea, Glucosamine, Medicinal Mushrooms. A Comment on Multi-Level Marketing

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Issue 22, October 2004: The Wheat Sensitivity Issue

Fat Secretes Hormones. Bread Additives Make Kids Hyperactive. Wheat sensitivity is more common than previously thought. Why is wheat bad. Wheat sensitivity QUIZ. Treatment of wheat sensitivity. How to cheat on your wheat-free diet.

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Issue 21, September 2004: The Estrogen Dominance Issue

Research shows that natural progesterone is effective. The problem with Natural Hormones in Australia. Why is progesterone needed? What is Estrogen Dominance? Estrogen Dominance QUIZ.Treatment of Estrogen Dominance

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Issue 20, August 2004: The Autoimmune Issue

Inflammation Causes Weight Gain. Endometriosis is an Autoimmune Condition. Understanding Autoimmune: Common Conditions; Causes of Autoimmune. Treatment of Autoimmune Disease.

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Issue 19, July 2004: The Chocolate and Blueberry Issue

More Menopause at Equinox. Chocolate Prevents Heart Disease. Time to Invest in Blueberries. Herbs are a Continuation of Food. Phytochemicals: Blueberries, Red Wine, Chocolate, Maritime Pine, Soy, Flaxseed, Rice Bran, Tribulus and more! Wheatgrass. Sensible-Alternative Moves to North Sydney.

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Issue 18, June 2004: The Cholesterol Issue

Cholesterol Higher in Winter. What Causes Cholesterol Plaques to form in the Arteries? 10 Steps to a Healthy Heart. Fasting Insulin Test. Ear Lobe Crease. Heart disease affects women too.

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Issue 17, May 2004: The Insulin Issue

Insulin Resistance. Insulin: The Ageing Hormone. Causes of Insulin Resistance. Hormonal Conditions Caused by Insulin Resistance: Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, PCOS, Underactive Thyroid. Treatment for Insulin Resistance.

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Issue 16, April 2004: The Thyroid Issue

Women do NOT run out of Eggs.  Fruit is not the Healthiest Food. New Guideline for Thyroid Tes. Underactive Thyroid: the Hidden Epidemic. Common Causes of Underactive Thyroid. Diagnosis and Treatment

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Issue 15, March 2004: The Weight Loss Issue

Snack Food Industry rejects WHO recommendations on sugar. Fat cells necessary for Immune function. 10 Reasons People do Not Lose Weight: Insulin, Stress, Birth Control Pill/HRT; Food Lectins, Underactive Thyroid, Trans Fat; Processed Food, Pesticides, Liver, Inactivity

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Issue 14, February 2004: The Flyspray Issue

Fly Spray is Nerve and Reproductive Toxin. What's in the Spray Can? Risks of Long-Term Exposure. Insectides in Air, Water, Food.  What You Can Do. New Safety Regulations

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Issue 13, January 2004: The Protein Issue

Protein Diet is NOT New. Paleolithic Diet. The Problem with Grains. Low-Fat Diet is a  Disaster for health and weight loss. How Much Protein Should You Eat? Whey Protein. The Truth About Tryptophan

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Issue 12, December 2003: The Mammogram Issue (updated)

Fruit acids for Skin Cancer. Trans Fat. Concerns about Mammograms. Hormone disrupting chemicals mimic estrogen, and are risk for breast cancer. Plant estrogens protect against breast cancer.

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Issue 11, November 2003: The Sunscreen Issue (updated)

Food allergies trigger asthma. The Dangers of Sunscreen. Prevent Skin Cancer with Nutrition. Sunlight Prevents Cancer.

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Issue 10, October 2003: The Fat Issue

Diabetes Drugs cause heart disease. A New Vitamin E. Lose Weight with More Fat in Your Diet. A List of Healthy (and Unhealthy) Fatty Foods. Health Benefits of Chocolate. Sensible News Hits the News Stands

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Issue 09, September 2003: The Healthy Heart Issue

Dangers of Cholesterol -lowering Drugs (Statins). More HRT Risks. The Truth about Heart Disease. 10 Steps to a Healthy Heart. Fasting Insulin Test. Metabolic Typing Online. Natural progesterone Treatment for Breast Cancer.

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Issue 08, August 2003: The Male Hormone Issue

Zinc excess may cause cancer. Male Hormones: Low Testosterone, High Estrogen. Natural testosterone supplements. Prostate Cancer causes, prevention and treatment.  New Test for Toxic Estrogen metabolites.

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Issue 07, July 2003: The Supplement Safety Issue

Perspective on the Pan Recall. Safety of Natural Supplements. More on Thyroid and Metabolic Types

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Issue 06, June 2003: The Chemical Sensitivity Issue

HRT and Dementia. Spanish Flu. Sick Building Syndrome. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Diagnosis of Chemical Sensitivity. Healthy home - Healthy Work. Solutions for Chemical Sensitivity

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Issue 05, May 2003: The Thyroid Issue

New Guidelines for Thyroid testing. Low Thyroid: The Hidden Epidemic - Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment; Natural Thyroid Hormone.  Bowen Technique - An Australian Solution for Pain. Call for Interest in Natural HRTLecture - Part 2

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Issue 04, April 2003: The Oestrogen dominance Issue.

Drowning in Estrogen - Missing Progesterone; Saliva Hormone Testing; Estrogen Dominance Quiz; Treatment for Estrogen Dominance.

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Issue 03, March 2003: The Insulin Issue

Insulin Resistance (Syndrome X). Insulin the underlying cause of hormonal imbalance. Carbohydrate addiction. Wheat is an insulin mimic.

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Issue 02, February 2003: The Mammogram Issue

Concerns about Mammograms. Pesticides mimic estrogen and disrupt hormones. Plant Oestrogens promote hormone balance.  Male Menopause.

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Issue 01, January 2003: The Sunscreen Issue

Sunscreen Safety Concerns. UV light protects against cancer. Nutrition for Healthy Skin.

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